TRIPBOXX is a unique travel-based service that ships a customized box of essential grooming products directly to your hotel prior to your trip.

Does TRIPBOXX only ship to hotels?

No. TRIPBOXX can ship to any place that can receive mail. It could be a hotel, an AirBnB, your own home or a friend’s home.

Can I purchase a TRIPBOXX subscription?

Unfortunately, at this time, TRIPBOXX does not offer monthly subscriptions.

How does TRIPBOXX work?

It’s pretty easy!
Step 1: Visit our website to choose your box, either the standard or the deluxe box.
Step 2: You choose up to three additional essential grooming products to customize your box.
Step 3: Travel safely and enjoy your box once you arrive at your destination.

When will by box ship?

TRIPBOXX asks that you order your box at least 5 days prior to the date you leave on your trip.

Why does TRIPBOXX need so long to ship my box?

Each box that is ordered is customized and built to order. We ensure that all of the grooming products that you chose to customize your box are included, the box is packaged and then shipped.

When will my box arrive?

TRIPBOXX ships via USPS Ground. Your box should arrive the day prior to your arrival so that it is available and ready to be used as soon as you arrive.

Can I receive my box sooner?

Yes. We offer additional shipping options incase you are needing your box quicker.

Can I track my TRIPBOXX?

Yes, TRIPBOXX will send you a tracking number so you can track your box and confirm its arrival.

Once I confirm my box as delivered, how will I receive it?

It depends on where you are staying. If at a hotel, the front desk or the concierge will have your box or it may have been delivered to your room. If you are staying at an AirBnB or at someone’s home, your box would have arrived like mail usually does.

How can I ensure that I receive my box when I arrive?

After your box leaves the TRIPBOXX warehouse, it is in the hands of the US Postal Service. We highly recommend that you contact your hotel to confirm that they have received your box. This ensures that your box can be easily located once you arrive.

I don’t use certain products that come standard in my box. Can I opt out?

Unfortunately, you are unable to opt out of the standard products that come in either box. We carefully selected those items as essential products that most travelers would need during their trip.

How do I open an account?

Simply click on “New Account” and fill out the mandatory fields. You will then be able to access your settings and preferences.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click on “Forgot Password?” and you’ll be prompted to enter your email address.

What are my shipping options?

TRIPBOXX ships all boxes through the USPS Priority Mail. If your box is needed sooner, you have alternate shipping options that will get your box there quicker.

Where can I have my order shipped?

TRIPBOXX can ship your box to any place that receives mail. If we are shipping to someone else’s home or to an AirBnb, we recommend that you notify the individual(s) living at that location so they can be on the lookout for your box.

What is your return policy?

Once the box is received and opened, we are unable to accept any returns.

What if the box arrives at my destination after I do?

We will do all that we can to ensure that your box is shipped out with ample time to arrive at your destination prior to your arrival. However, one the box leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of the US Postal Service, weather and any other unforeseeable circumstances. If the box arrives to your destination after your scheduled arrival date because of weather or any other reason out of our control, we will offer a discount promo code for your next purchase. We highly encourage any orders to be placed at least 5 days prior to the scheduled arrival dates.

Where do I enter a promo code?

A promo code can be entered at the end of the Check Out process, right before you enter your credit card information.

Can I use more than one promo code?

Unfortunately, only one promo code is allowed per order.

Do I get free samples with my order?

If you ordered the deluxe box, you have a chance of receiving a free sample in your box. We are always looking for ways to partner with our vendors and sometimes that includes additional samples for our customers.

Which countries do you currently ship to?

As of now, we only ship within the United States.

If I live outside the United States, but traveling to the United States, can I order a TRIPBOXX?

Yes! If you live outside the U.S., but are traveling to a U.S. city, we can definitely send you a TRIPBOXX to your U.S. destination.

A product inside my TRIPBOXX is missing or damaged. What do I do?

If any product is missing/damaged, we will send you a voucher for a deep discount on your next purchase. We strive to ensure that all boxes make it to their destination safely, but the route that the box takes through the U.S. Postal system is unpredictable once your box leaves our warehouse. If any product is damaged, please take a picture an email us at info@tripboxx.com.