TRIPBOXX launched in April 2016 as a unique service for travelers that would ship a customized box of essential grooming products to one’s hotel prior to their arrival. After traveling a lot and despite his self-proclaimed “efficient” packing skills, Founder/CEO Luis Carmona, would still seem to ALWAYS forget some of his toiletries. There had to be an easier way to help avoid the hassle of forgetting a toothbrush or contact solution. Enter, TRIPBOXX!

After months of research, testing and focus groups, TRIPBOXX has adjusted their business model and re-launched in Fall 2019 offering one of the first complete luxury, multi-brand travel kits for men. Airlines lose bags, people forget to pack their toiletries and some rather not hassle with TSA. Whatever the reason or cause, TRIPBOXX has your guests covered. With our Deluxe, Weekndr and Add-On boxes, we have a box for any type of traveler.